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Quality British Shorthair Cats – Specialising in chocolate and lilac coloured cats & now cinnamon and fawn

UPDATE TO THE BELOW: FURDINKUM is now a registered TradeMark, so any unauthorised use of the name may result in legal action.  The below business has now been forced to change its name. They are super unethical and I still no way endorse them or any road transport for cats.

“DISCLAIMER:  I would like to categorically state that my prefix FURDINKUM belongs to me. I am in NO WAY associated with a road transport business that has stolen my prefix to use as their own. I abhor road transport in particular. I do not condone nor am I in anyway associated with them, and I did NOT give permission for this business to use my prefix as their business name. Last but certainly not least I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS BUSINESS. The best way to contact me is via the Kitten Adoption form or my mobile number 0447 740 940 only”   FurDinkum Pet Transport www.furdinkum.com.au  Pauline Biffin Ashleigh Aspinall Furr Dinkum

Furdinkum is a small registered boutique home-based cattery located on Brisbane’s north side.  My name is Tracey and I specialise in breeding chocolate, lilac, cinnamon & fawn coloured cats of quality and type, using the best lines I can find. I have recently purchased some stunning cats from Europe and can now produce cinnamon and fawn coloured British.  I am only one of two breeders in Australia who can currently produce these colours.  I also have other colours available at times, including blues, creams, reds, tortoiseshell and bi colours.  I do not breed just for colour, I breed for the best type and standard of the breed that I possibly can, and I’m continually striving to improve the quality of my cats.

All my kittens leave here:

  • no less than 12 weeks of age
  • desexed – this is NOT negotiable, so please do not ask
  • micro chipped
  • vaccinated twice
  • wormed
  • flea treated
  • vet checked
  • registered with the QFA

They also come with:

  • kitten pack (local buyers only)
  • health care fact sheets
  • diet & care information
  • vaccination certificates
  • desexing certificate

Kittens can be flown interstate at the buyers expense.

My kittens mean more to me than the money, so I reserve the right to refuse a sale without reason and/or cancel a sale without reason.  I will also ask you to complete an adoption form and sign a contract, a link to both of these can be found on furdinkum.com/kittens/ Please read my contract before you decide to purchase one of my kittens

Get the Classic ‘Garfield’ Cat

The British Shorthair is a sturdy, compact cat with deep-chested, Cobby Body and unique dense coat. They are good with children and other animals and are highly adaptable, easy to care for and love to be close to humans. Because these cats are low maintenance and lovable, they make an ideal pet. We only breed a limited number of litters per year and aim to produce quality kittens with an excellent  temperament, good health and characteristics true to the breed. Contact Tracey for further details or to discuss owning your own Furdinkum British Shorthair kitten.



Council Reg AN/1828/2010/ BAP

Registered breeder with QFA