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Pet Nutri-Drops

Pet Nutri- Drops is a superior combination of balanced glucose, vitamins, minerals & amino acids. These nutrients support life & are needed quickly to restore a crippled or non-functioning immune system. Food & supplements normally require 8-14 hours for digestion. Nutri- Drops is the first & only supplement that does NOT require digestion. It shunts directly to the bloodstream in minutes, quickly restoring the immune system while other sources of nutrition are still in the digestive process.


The first 48 hours are extremely critical to the survival of the new born kittens/puppies. They need the strength to nurse quickly. Difficult births, excessive competition to available milk, chilling & toxic milk syndrome are stress conditions that often result in death. The primary cause of death is hypoglycemia. Replacement nutrition is needed to over-come life threatening crises & gets them off to a strong start.


1. Maintains kittens/puppies when there is inadequate milk supply.

2. Does not upset the stomach or cause diarrhea with continued use.

3. Does not interfere with colostrum because it shunts to the bloodstream before reaching the intestines.

4. Excellent to give the new owners for transport stress & adaptation to a new environment.

5. Administer to all newborns for a strong start & continue twice daily to kittens needing assistance also continue every 6 hours if inadequate milk supply.


Veterinary knowledge has proven that the immune activity of the body depends on the nutritional state of the animal. An antibiotic is of no more value that the level of energy in the system.
Most antibiotic failure results not from an ineffective antibiotic but from a crippled or non- functioning immune system. Immune failure most frequently results from low blood glucose levels. When glucose falls below 50 mg% the white cells fail to function normally.

  • Quickly elevates blood glucose levels in minutes.
  • Beneficial in any condition where additional energy & nutrients are needed, including appetite following surgery & to sustain following injury.
  • Administer 15 to 20 minutes prior to antibiotic or vaccine to maximise the uptake.


30ml  $20.00

120ml  $55.00

240ml  $85.00

Plus postage

Contact Tracey Bill on 0447 740 940 or email for product information and ordering.

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