What are you paying for?


At Furdinkum we take the breeding of British Shorthair Cats here in Australia seriously.

We do not breed for financial gain, but for the betterment of the breed.  So when you adopt a kitten through us you are helping with some of the expenses associated with breeding to keep this beautiful breed available here in Australia.

The money you pay goes to cover some of the following expenses:

  • Registration of cattery name with cat body
  • Yearly Registration Fees with registered cat body, local council etc…
  • Regular (networking through telephone, in person, internet) contact with breeders across Australia & Overseas to research pedigree lines, genetic faults, outbreaks of disease, testing and vaccination improvements, and dishonourable conduct of breeders.
  • Books – reference, notebooks, breeding registers, receipts, etc….
  • Computer and internet service, anti-virus software, breeding programs, photo and website costs.
  • Camera, mobile phone, messaging service, telephone service.
  • All fees and charges associated with individual cat and kitten registrations, pedigrees and transfers.
  • Regular telephone contact and photos to purchases about their new kitten.
  • Promotion of the British Shorthair Cat breed. promotional cages, brochures, fees, etc….
  • Advertisement of litters when available.
  • Cat Shows, (show entry fees, curtains, program, etc…) & other displays.
  • Feeding our cats and kittens a balanced professional diet.
  • Yearly veterinary health screening, testing and examination of all cats.
  • All cats and kittens are regularly wormed using Drontal Alwormer.
  • All cats and kittens are treated monthly for heartworm, fleas, ear mites, intestinal parasites etc… using Advocate topical treatment.
  • Having all cats and kittens age appropriately vaccinated by a certified veterinarian.
  • Having all cats and kittens micro chipped by a certified implanter for identification purposes.
  • Ensuring that none of our kittens are used for breeding and abused by unregistered breeders (backyard breeders) or unscrupulous registered breeders.
  • Being a responsible breeder and desexing all cats and kittens not part of our breeding program prior to going to there forever homes.
  • Paying extra to provide I.V. fluids both during and after desexing procedure with post-operative pain relief also administered to ensure a speedy recovery with less trauma to the feline.
  • Having excellent veterinary support 24 hours a day with in-house laboratory facilities.

Not breeding with cats that are proven to produce or have themselves the following:

1.     Congenital heart disorders.

2.     Bulging Eyes, (eyes too big for sockets)

3.     Cat flu

4.     Felv (Leukemia)

5.     Fiv (Feline Aids)

6.     Chlymidia

7.     Ringworm

8.     Cleft Palate (no roof or high roof of mouth)

9.     Pkd

10.    Herpes Virus


  • Airline Approved transportation carriers.
  • Quality animal transportation services.
  • Cat accommodation and play equipment, beds, scratching posts, food bowls, veterinary standard disinfectant & cleaners, kitty litter trays etc…
  • Environmentally cat friendly litter.
  • Quarantine cage for cats & kittens returning from show, and new cats to be added to our breeding program.
  • Purchasing new British Shorthair breeding kittens and cats and their transfers, testing and transportation.
  • Kitten birthing and rearing equipment, heating pads, towels, formula, and supplements.
  • Emergency C – Section when required.
  • Yearly teeth cleaning and other dentistry.
  • Kitten information brochure.
  • Business Cards.
  • Kitten Packs
  • Our Time, Love, Cuddles & Kisses (priceless!)


So much for the “Profits” in my breeding program.

So why do I breed multiple cats and litters?

So that I can keep this beautiful breed available here in Australia for you to adopt as your pet and loving member/companion in your family and improve its health, temperament and appearance.

You can’t do much for a breed with only one queen or stud.