Furdinkum Champagne Pebbles


 Makdissy Arctic Blossom

Fawn tortie & white

I would like to thank Kelly Makdissy for sending this absolutely stunning fawn tortie & white girl to Australia from the UK. Photo credit to Kelly Makdissy

Makdissy Kiss Me Kate


Another beautiful cinnamon girl from Kelly Makdissy, thank you so much for sending her to Australia from the UK.  Photo credit to Kelly Makdissy


British Bella’s Winterspell

Lilac (carries cinnamon)


I heartfelt thank you to Wendy Powell who sent me this gorgeous girl from New Zealand.  She is just a delight to have in the house.


Furdinkum Fire Burst

Cinnamon Tortoiseshell and White


“Marble” is a home bred girl from Suzi Perle D’Ivorie (Imp CZ) and Kenji Di D’Worek (Imp POL). Her kittens will be all the colours of the rainbow





Retired Queens